When to Take Medication for High Blood Pressure

Patients with high blood pressure usually have to take at least one blood pressure tablet once per day to prevent the chance of heart attacks and strokes. But taking the pills at specific times of the day may help it work better. 

What is the best time of day to take high blood pressure meds?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, take your blood pressure medication at bedtime to prevent high blood pressure in the morning and during the day. 

The comprehensive research conducted in Spain showed that high blood pressure medicines work better if taken in the evening, preferably at bedtime. According to studies research led by professor Ramon Hermida of the University of Vigo, Spain, recommend that this is due to the body’s internal time clock, which also affects the use of drugs.

For the study of 19,000 people, half participants lower blood pressure in the morning and the other at bedtime. Subjects regularly measured their blood pressure and kept the records. Professor Ramon Hermida and his colleagues monitored the condition of patients for six years. Patients who took the high blood pressure medication at bedtime had significantly lower blood pressure at midnight and during the day than those who took medicine every morning.

How does high blood pressure medication work at night?

During a night’s sleep, your blood pressure drops slightly. Taking the medication before sleeping in the evening will keep your body’s normal circadian rhythm, so that blood pressure would not rise during the morning and afternoon hours, which will help prevent heart attacks and strokes. 

However, patients should consult this with their physician before changing their medication time. The most important thing is to choose a time that guarantees you will take your medicine every day.

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