Scientists Explain Why You Need to Sleep Under a Blanket Even When It’s Hot

Why we need blankets to sleep better, even when it’s hot, most people, including me, prefer to sleep under a blanket not only in winter but also in summer even when it’s hot. This habit no longer seems strange, as scientists have found an explanation for it.  

Sleeping under blankets keeps you warm at night.

Experts described why using a blanket makes sleeping more comfortable. The evidence is that at night when you fall asleep, your body’s core temperature drops. This process commences an hour before you go to bed and continues throughout the night. 

Your body completely loses its ability to adjust its temperature as soon as you fall into the deep sleep (circadian rhythm). By 4 a.m., your body indicator reaches its lowest mark. But with a blanket on, it helps your body to stay warm all night.

Besides, covering your body during sleep is one of the main signals to the body that you are ready to fall asleep. This habit is taught from birth and remains with a person for life.

Sleep under blankets reduces stress.

Scientific work has proved that it helps reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. Also, many studies have noted that sleeping under a weighted blankets helps enhance the quality of sleep at night and promote overall well-being. 

Sleep under blankets good for people with a phobia.

A blanket allows a person to feel safe at night, especially for people with a phobia who are afraid of the dark.

Relieves symptoms of restless leg syndrome

People with restless leg syndrome (RLS) usually have tingling or creepy-crawly feeling in their legs at night. But sleeping with weighted blankets can ease the symptoms by discharging serotonin and lowering your cortisol levels, which will calm your nerves, alleviate the pain and discomfort of restless leg syndrome.

Do weighted blankets help you sleep? Weighted blankets help you to fall asleep quickly and rest all night comfortably.

Experts recommend buying blankets made of a material that allows you to breathe well and not absorb moisture and sweat. Also, the blanket should be as soft, pleasant to the touch, and 10 percent of your body weight, which will make the night rest even more comfortable.

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