5 Signs Someone Has High Functioning Anxiety

3. Seem a little fidgety

People with high-function anxiety often hide their nerve habits in public, but they spend hours biting their nails, choosing or laughing, or moving to cope with constant anxiety. Nervous habits are a key feature of a person with anxiety and you may not know that they have all of this.

4. Highly detail-oriented

Who has high anxiety is usually hyper-focused on details; planning, organizing, strategizing and working to make things as perfect as possible. This is because a person with anxiety often feels in control. The parts of life that I can control then give them a little sense of stability and control over their environment.

5. The need to control their environment

In times of stress, an anxious person who works well tries to control as many things as they are under their control because they can not control the uncontrollable. A research study found “a possible explanation for why the need to control the environment is a critical component of human behavior.” The sense of control allows organisms to deal with stress.

Many people are walking with extremely high levels of anxiety that almost approach meeting the criteria for anxiety disorders but collide along the way,  said Debra Kissen, co-chair of the Public Education Committee for the Anxiety Association and depression in America. . “They’re still waking up. They’re still getting themselves to work.”

The earlier you work to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, the easier it will be to put these feelings behind you

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